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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 11, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is all over three big stories tonight. police are on the hunt for a man terrorized two montgomery county families. holding their loved ones up at gunpoint inside their own homes. now investigators are hoping this picture cracks the case. >> a screaming baby hardly wearing any clothes found abandoned at the occupy d.c.
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camp. tonight, her father is under arrest. and caught on camera. frightening metro bus accidents and near misses all caught on dash cam. we're putting you in the driver's seat. we begin with that terrifying home invasion. thanks for joining us. >> i'm brian bolter. this morning's robbery probably wasn't the suspect's first. they say he followed a housekeeper to a home in bethesda this morning. when she answered the door, he forced his way in. a similar mo. now police have a key piece of evidence they hope is going to crack this case. bob is working it in rockville. bob. >> brian, it's that photo which we will show you again in just a moment. originally police thought they were dealing with two armed gunmen. they are looking for one man. >> this was the scene of the crime. a house on bardon road in
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bethesda. montgomery county police tells us a man wearing a masked mask and armed with a gun knocked around 6:45 this morning. police say after the cleaning woman opened the door, the gunman forced his way inside. sexually assaulting her and tieing her up as well as the homeowner and her teenage son. he apparently spent 45 minutes rummaging through the house before leaving with the housekeeper's credit card and suv. she was later taken to the hospital. >> the horrific thing. that's one of the reasons why people are drawn to this area. people consider it to be a safe area and that's why i have my kid in daycare across the street from here. that's horrible news to hear. >> within hours of the home invasion and robbery. police say the gunman was caught on camera at a cvs store in the district where he allegedly used the victim's credit card. >> i think we are all shocked. this is a peaceful, quiet
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neighborhood and we never had anything like this happen. >> montgomery county police believe the same man robbed a woman at gunpoint inside this garage at this townhouse community on mcmahon road tuesday morning. police say in this case, he also stole the woman's car and credit card and used it at an atm in oxen hill. >> i just hope the police are able to catch this guy. it's pretty scary. i mean, i know that my wife was pretty shook up about it. >> back along bardon road, police officers and canine spent a good deal of time looking through bushes, searching for evidence, perhaps a cell phone, as detectives released this image of the suspect, hoping one of you recognizes his face and turns him in. >> there has been a series in the past couple of months of home burglaries in the bethesda area. police made a number of arrests, a couple warrants out
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for other possible suspects they don't believe this guy was involved in any of those crimes, noting, brian, that these were much more serious. >> housekeeper went to the hospital today. anybody else hurt? >> no. the mother and son were not hurt, we're told. obviously frightened and the lady yesterday, she was not harmed either. >> our other big story, why this was toddler left alone in nothing more than a onsie and mittens? police arrested a man claiming to be her father. will thomas is live on the scene in northwest d.c. will. >> just as you have layed out, this one tonight has nothing to do with the occupy d.c. intended message or who their encampment at mcpherson square. this shows you they haven't created a dangerous situation here. in fact, they may have saved a child's life today.
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occupy d.c. is churning in for the night, but before protesters head for shelter, not politics, but what this little girl seems to be talking about. >> as long as she is alive and well and she was found alive, then that's the great thing. >> everybody looks out for each other. you know what i mean? too bad america isn't that way. >> wednesday morning, 10:30, this retired prince georges county schoolteacher now an occupy d.c. resident heard the cries of a child. kelly left the information tent and walked toward the cries in the middle of the tent city. inside this now collapsed tent, an 18 month old girl alone. wearing only a oensie and mittens. >> she was very cold. she was good natured. she was easy to cheer up. but she had pop sickles for hands. >> kelly put her knit cap on the child and called park
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police. emt's arrived to check her out. >> emt's took a reading of the thermostat. it was 36 degrees. frightening. >> police say 30 minutes later, a man returned and identified himself as the girl's father. officers arrested him on the spot. >> hello. knock knock. >> at night fall, someone slipped into the same tent where the child was discovered. the little girl's dad, wasn't him. just a man who decided to occupy an abandoned tent. >> and that person you heard from, an occupy official telling the guy he had to get out of the tent. he was charged with second- degree cruelty. the child is fine and in care of dc child protective services. >> what have you learned about her father? >> well police so far have not released his name.
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occupy officials, especially those who saw him say they have never seen him before, have not seen the child. they don't believe he is part of their movement here. they think he may be a homeless father who may have been trying to blend in with all these tents here. >> will thomas with the story tonight. thank you. >> depending on your outlook, the good news, it's not snow. taking a live look outside. rain all day and all night. could have been a foot of snow in some places. the fox 5 weather center. it's rain. >> there's a ton of people out there that were wishing this was snow. you know that and i know that. no snow though. you have to get on the western side of the mountains into west virginia before some of this changes over. let's go to max hd radar. a lull here in town. we just saw will downtown and very little, if any rain falling. listen, there is more on the way as we zoom this out just a little bit. you'll be able to see a larger,
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more intense patch of rain is coming. it's moving through culpeper right now. it's headed toward prince william county, manassas, dale city, woodbridge. that part of the i-95 corridor about to get some fairly moderate rain. fredericksburg, you're right on the edge of that. if you can see on your screen at home, look far left. there's a little pink showing up. it's a mixture and that's all west of 81, all of our temperatures here are in the 40s. but again, get west of 81 at the higher elevations, temperatures drop off into the lower 30s. listen, this is the bigger picture, we have one wave that is about to pass. what i just showed you around manassas and i think there's more, another heavier band coming through. we'll have rain all night, but clear out before tomorrow morning. shaun. >> thank you. there are more questions tonight about former d.c. councilman, harry thomas jr. and how he was able to funnel city funds into his own pocket. tonight, a corporation connected to thomas is under
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the microscope. matt acklin has the story. >> the u.s. attorney made it clear last week, his investigation is not closed. even after former council member, harry thomas pleaded guilty to $350,000 in city funds. the children and youth investment trust corporation, mayor gray wants a full review of the city organization set up to help kids. >> i asked the inspector general to expedite this. so we get the conclusion very quickly about the future of the trust. >> chairman of the council, kwame brown called a meeting of some of d.c.'s top finance managers. the city's cfo, inspector general, dc auditor and budget director. on the agenda, harry thomas, the trust corporation and preventing fraud city wide. >> but the idea is to ensure when we can tighten up
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loopholes. we do it systematically so we don't find out another agency has a problem. >> council member jim graham expressed his frustration after harry thomas pleaded guilty to taking $350,000 from the city last week. >> how did this happen? who was tending the store? >> as chairman of the human services committee, graham first demanded audit documents of the children's press last june. finally on wednesday, he received more than 1,000 documents from the dc auditor's office. where was the government oversight to stop thomas from stealing? >> it's clear to me that we had $400,000 paid over to this nonprofit without adequate documentation. >> council member graham says he'll need a few days to review those e-mails and documents that were sent to him and then he'll decide if he plans to hold a hearing. meanwhile, council chairman kwame brown says he expects too
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hear back from those at his meeting today sometime next week. at the wilson building, matt acklin, fox 5 news. another leader is charged with fraud accused of spending city funds on car payments. the details coming up tonight on the news edge. the district backed out of a contract to buy two new streetcars for the long awaited h street line. the deal to spend nearly $9 million was struck back in december. but the city changed its mind because of questions from another bidder. now we don't know what those questions are and no one seems to know what the decision means for the streetcar line. the city has three cars. the line is supposed to be running by july of 2013. >> as the campaign for the presidential nomination heads to south carolina. the gloves are really coming off. other candidates are rolling out the ads targeting mitt romney, newt gingrich calls it a flip-flopper.
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gingrich's ethics violation. he was speaker of the house. romney is ahead of the pack in the polls with 31%. his closest competitor, rick santorum with 20%. romney expects things to get ugly. >> these attacks from the speaker and from rick perry, i expect that to come. when people find their campaigns or having difficulty, they look for a new course. >> ron paul is third in the polls, but had a strong showing in new hampshire that could boost him. the south carolina primary is january 21. >> the marines are launching another investigation and you have to see what one unit may have been caught doing on camera. also caught on camera, accidents, breathtaking near misses by metro bus drivers and putting you right behind the wheel coming up next. @ h?ñ???ñ
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caught on camera, metro bus drivers crashing into cars, running red lights, even hitting people. all of it caught by drive cams. they are on every bus out there and are triggered to record when buses suddenly brake or jerk.
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sherry lee has a closer look and we want to warn you, some of this may be hard to watch. >> one of the most disturbing videos shows a metro bus going down the street. notice the other traffic stopped. but the bus keeps going and suddenly you see a man in the crosswalk get clipped. somehow he walked away. on another video, the bus approaches an suv at a stop sign rear ending it so hard it hit a school bus, too. these are some of the hundreds of videos first obtained by wtop. buses hitting buses, running red lights, hitting other cars and near misses. they were captured by metro's drive cams. every bus has one. metro says the operators in these videos faced disally nare action if warranted. drivers may be punished with a warning and suspension. three times within a year you're fired, but sometimes it takes just one. >> in the event that the
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incident is agregous and a huge mistake, then the disciplinary could be moved up faster and termination could take place early. >> these are the worst of the worst. if you look at the numbers, metro says these type of collisions don't happen often. metro has more than 1200 buses on the road, making more than 14,000 trips a day, covering 50 million miles a year. >> i think these are the rare examples. we have many clips that indicate and show where operators have done the right thing to avoid an accident. pedestrian walking out into the street, double park cars, u turns. >> imagine if you were on board. the bus driver appears to misjudge the speed of an on coming car. one minute the bus is turning. the next you're hit. sherry lee, fox 5 news. >> metro says two people per 1 million passengers are hurt on buses and in some cases the video you saw can be used to
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teach better driving habits. the drive cam showed a few dozen collisions and more than 100 near misses. >> remember fox 5 is always monitoring metro. if you have a story idea or something doesn't look quite right, have a picture, shoot a video, send it to fox5 metro. >> new tonight, new video surfaced on the web that has the marine corps scrambling to do damage control. laura evans in the newsroom with more. >> this popped up on youtube. you will see why this is sparking such outrage tonight. across all branches of the military and the pentagon is investigating. this video, brian, so horrible we had to blur out a good portion of it for obvious reasons. you see here, four marines in afghanistan urinating on what appear to be the dead bodies of taliban fighters. in this video, you hear one guy saying quote, have a great day, buddy, then you got it on the
10:19 pm
video? pentagon officials are trying to find out who these men are. the unit they belong to and once they do, they will assign an officer to investigate. reacting to the video, the marine corps released this statement, saying the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the marines in our corps. tonight i spoke with retired army general. he believes it boils down to a lack of discipline among these guys and a lack of leadership. he says it undoes all the good that u.s. forces have done. >> what they did is ugly and it's real wrong. and i think it's indisciplined. i think 99.9% of the marines and the soldiers on the ground don't do things like that. >> council on america's islamic relations is calling this apparent desecration of the death. it is likely a violation of the
10:20 pm
geneva convention. >> laura evans tonight. craig backstrom is from lauren. he tried to join a terrorist organization. he was arrested in kenya. today a judge ordered him held, saying he's a flight risk and a danger @ community. if convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison. amnesty international members spent today marching the closure of guantanamo bay. the first prisoners arriving there. president obama signed an executive order to close gitmo by the end of 2009. it is disappointed it hasn't happened and holding people for so long without charging them goes against what america stands for. >> i think it's a political issue. the sad truth is,, 171 were cleared by the busch
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administration as well as the obama administration. it has been timed they were sent back from where they cam came from. >> more than 400 people have been convicted through american court system. the group believes the federal system would be more efficient and effective than the cuban facility. first lady, michelle obama, is on a vision to help vets and soldiers who return from war. medical schools nationwide are training students on how to treat brain injuries more effectively. she spoke to a group of vets today. it's part of an initiative by the first lady and the vice president's wife to focus on issues that affect vets and their families. superstar beyonce's birth is under investigation. you have to hear what is in blue ivy's nursery, plus finally getting the surprise admission coming from joran van der sloot in court today. ♪
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the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway pleaded guilty to murdering another woman. stephanie was found murdered in 2010. van der sloot faces decades behind bars. >> speaking in spanish, van der sloot pleads guilty to killing stephanie flores in the capital of peru in 2010. [ speaking spanish ] >> the panel of all female judges grilling van der sloot, making sure he understands exactly what he is saying. van der sloot confessed to strangling flores in a fit of rage after he found her going through his computer in his
10:26 pm
hotel room. which contained e-mails about holloway's death. surveillance video shows the two going into the hotel room together. van der sloot left alone and her body found inside. van der sloot is widely known for his connection to the natalie holloway case in 2005. the american teen vanished while on vacation in aruba and after meeting van der sloot. he was arrested, but never charged and exactly what happened to her remains a mystery. in an erie coincidence, police say flores was robbed and killed exactly five years to the day after holloway disappeared. van der sloot's attorney claims the young dutchman was in a fragile state. by issuing what he calls a sincere apology, van der sloot and his defense team are hoping to get a sentence reduction for what could be 30 years in jail. in miami, steve harrigan, fox
10:27 pm
news. according to depositions from her trial, anthony told a psychiatrist she got pregnant with caylee after she was raped. she does not know who caylee's father is. the transcript also shows doctors could not find any evidence that anthony has a mental illness throw out the mayor. the brand-new push to get the mayor out is gaining steam. 
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first it was harry thomas, now there's a grass roots campaign to drive other city leaders out of office. the target this time, kwame brown and mayor vincent gray. the man behind the recall campaign made it official with the board of elections. karen has the story. ♪ [ music ]
10:31 pm
>> the website calls on dc residents to take back their government. even features a rap song posted last summer half way into vines grey eats rocking first year as mayor. gray had barely settled into his new digs when he had to face down troubling allegations. why top staffers were being paid above their salary cap. why their children got city jobs. did his campaign pay suleiman brown to bash fenty and reward brown with a job? and that messy scandal involving the council chairman's suv's. >> local government is getting out of hand. >> frederick butler launched a recall. he has set his sights on gray and kwame brown. >> we need to hold them accountable. we need to hold their feet to the fire. >> had called for the recall of thomas. thomas took himself out of office as part of a plea deal
10:32 pm
for stealing city funds. he isn't doing his job. >> this gentleman said i hasn't done the job, we'll be happy to speak to them. >> asked about on going federal investigations at a press briefing, gray repeated his mantra. if he or kwame brown are worried, they aren't saying. >> i spend no time worrying about a recall. >> brown is worried about how to deliver for the people. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> gray hinted about good news coming on the budget. as for the recall, requires more than 45,000 signatures and no city council person or mayor of the district has ever been recalled. virginia republicans pass new rules making it easier to tip committees in their own favor. the senate right now is evenly divided, half democrat, half republican. in recent years under democrats that meant even divisions on
10:33 pm
committees, but not this year. >> this is an evolving body and frankly i think this is an evolving rule that represents an improvement. >> as we look at the national politics, where they have become so toxic, it's because of the partisanship and it's become about whose won and whose lost rather than what's best. >> the measure passed by one vote decided by the lieutenant governor. >> maryland's legislative session kicks today, topping the agenda, whether all the tax increases are good investments for the state. melanie has the latest. >> it's great to see you back. >> opening day of maryland's legislative session and republicans are gearing for a fight. >> to stop the tax increases. to stop the fee increases and stop the attack on the property rights.
10:34 pm
>> you have to be focused on maryland families, their pocketbooks, their ability to take care of their families and not the political agenda of the governor as he is looking for something in washington. >> it is governor o'malley's last term and expected to propose a number of legacy members, such as legalizing same sex marriage. he is also promised more money for transportation and school construction, which he will frame as the jobs issue. >> most important job we create, and a lot of families that need that basic dignity of work in order for our state to move forward. >> the state is facing a billion dollar budget deficit. the governor is expected to ask for an increase in the gas tax, sewer fees, and more. there are also bills to expand gambling in the state, which help pay for schools. prince georges county executive said he'll be looking for his share of school construction funds, but isn't sure yet about the promise of slot machines or table games. >> we are open to talk about
10:35 pm
expanding gaming in prince georges county. we want to see what the revenues would bring to the county. >> raising taxes is going to be tough. especially when the state has a habit of moving money from dedicated funds like gas taxes, which are supposed to pay for transportation, and using it for other things. >> the transportation trust fund has become the transportation mistrust fund. and until we restore trust in that relationship between the taxpayer and the government, we have no business discussing any revenue increases on that. >> melanie, fox 5 news. >> a woman falls through the ice while going after her dog. her rescue caught on camera. could there be a dangerous chemical lurking in your orange juice? what the fda is doing to answer that question. first, tim tebow turning out to be big business. fox business network's neil kavuto explains. >> more americans are starting to jump on those record low interest rates. mortgage applications rising last week led by a pickup in
10:36 pm
recent activity and new home purchases. meantime, ford hitting a bump in the road. the auto maker recalling minivans along with 245,000 escape suv's. possible defects in the braking system. and more news that is giving taxpayers the chill. federal report saying the irs is facing a heavier workload, due to an increase in regulations and changes in the tax code. now that could lead to an increase in errors and smaller tax returns. and he is winning football games. now tim tebow is selling clothes at a record pace. the denver quarterback, part of a new campaign. it rolls out this week. it is now the fastest selling collection in the company's 135 year history. that's business in brief. i'mneath kavuto.
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beyonce and jay-z is living a life of luxury. the couple spent $3500 on this crib for blue ivy. when she gets older, she can play on her solid gold rocking horse. the hospital where beyonce gave birth says it is investigating complaints that other parents were mistreated while the singer was there. it received two complaints. halle berry is ready to say i do again. the 45-year-old actress got engaged to oliver martinez over the holidays. her future hubby proposed with an emerald and diamond ring.
10:41 pm
she has a three-year-old daughter with ex-husband gabriel aubry. the champion has been tapped to sing the anthem. kelly clarkson will sing the star spangled banner. clarkson sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. madonna, scheduled to perform during the halftime show. tonight at 11:00, another city leader in serious trouble. also, spending thousands of taxpayer money on himself. the news edge following the money trail. plus, road rage at a gym caught on camera. how this out of control rampage turned deadly at 11:00. 
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the u.s. government is stepping up testing of orange juice. anna has the details. >> the food and drug
10:45 pm
administration testing all orange juice entering the united states. the move comes after low levels of the carbendazim was found in orange juice. alerted the fda after it found the fungus in brazil. the chemical is not allowed in the united states, but many other countries use it in crops. >> it is something called carbendazim. called it one of the filthy four pesticides. it may have a risk of cancer associated with it. >> about 25% of orange juice consumed in the united states is imported. much of it from brazil which uses carbendazim on oranges. they expect testing results by the end of the week. >> i feel strongly have to clamp down on this. you never know how much orange juice is person a drinking. >> highest level of carbendazim found so far is 1,000 times lower than the level of concern. the world health organization says risks are high only if large doses are ingested. >> the amount we're talking
10:46 pm
about, though, i must emphasize is very, very small. we're talking about 35 parts per billion. and the european union allows as much as 200 parts per billion. i don't think it's a safety concern for people drinking orange juice. >> fda started testing orange juice on store shelves. no products have been recalled. in new york, anna, fox news. google might now be able to track the flu. medical researchers and google tech folks found that people that are sick search for their symptoms. when people in a given city search for more flu symptoms, google creates a chart. this is the chart for the district. a little higher than last year, if we have it. while it's hardly solid medical evidence, we don't. it might help you stay well. >> times when there's more illness in the community and you know there's more illness, you can up your guard. >> o'brian says the tracker can help emergency rooms prepare to see more patients.
10:47 pm
feeling a little down? it could be not in your head, but lack of vitamin d. doctors say the problem is not just spending time inside. the sun also isn't as strong in the winter months. >> many people have what is called the sad syndrome or seasonal effective depression disorder. the wintertime, the big factor is the sun does not go high up in the sky and as a consequence, the light that reaches us is much weaker. >> doctors say increasing your vitamin d, getting plenty of omega3 fatty acids. >> the weather can also make a difference, too. we have had a nasty day. thank goodness it wasn't snow. >> no sad for us because we haven't had winter yet. >> it's been fairly nice. >> right, but it's coming.
10:48 pm
so up the d right now if you need to. however you choose to do that. the rain is out there. pretty much once it started this afternoon, it hasn't really stopped. i mean, we've had a few lulls here and there and right now the city is undergoing a little bit of a lull. but we start off with our sental radar to give you an idea of what is taking place. you see the radar going around and around and everywhere you see the yellows and the oranges and this is mainly to the west of the district. that is at least moderate to fairly heavy rain. it's already moved through front royal and moving up in this direction. we'll get tighter for you up in this north western quadrant because if you are in winchester, the heaviest of the rain moved through. there's more back to the west and southwest of you. just moving in to leesburg, cabletown, and eventually it crosses the river. it will get to frederick and along that 270 corridor there and then move on into
10:49 pm
montgomery county. a little further south we go, this is loudoun county and down into prince william. the heaviest of the rain moving along 66. up i-95. and i think charles county, most of you will get this heavy rain coming on across. right now this is just the southern into prince william county. here's i-95. it's all about to move up through charles county. so again, this is probably one of the heavier waves of rain that we'll see. as we take this view out quite a bit on sentinel radar. there's the ban moving through. a little pink showing up. that's the higher elevation where we are getting mixture and snow. where temperatures are cooler. there's still another line moving through through roanoak. once we get this line through, we will get dry slots.
10:50 pm
by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, the last little wave will come through. so after that, we're going to get significantly dryer towards sunrise. 46 now in town. temperatures holder nearly stable. as we get to the weekend, that's when we are expecting this cold air to settle in. the extreme cold will stay to the north. the jet stream is making a dip so it will bring colder temperatures here and we're thinking when the district back up to the north. the high temperatures for the weekend, we're talking mainly 20s and 30s out there. here's our weekend forecast. noticeably colder. high on saturday only of about 36 degrees and it will feel like the 20s with a little breeze there. sunday just a little bit colder and some of those numbers for the weekend really do depend on how much in the way or any sunshine we get. i think we'll get some and that will keep temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. when that sun goes away, we could have a few snow flurries
10:51 pm
passing by. so anyway, it's going to be a real cold winter weekend. now overnight tonight, moderate to heavy spots of rain. it will become dryer after 3:00 a.m. temperature tonight nearly steady. middle to low 40s. this is future cast tonight at 11:00. it is tracking that intense heavy line of rain moving through very well. moves it out and it doesn't bring through any more rain. i think that if we look down and see that one line coming back, we'll end up getting some of that. let's not dry it out. but by 9:00 a.m., a few clouds. tomorrow is pretty good. i mean, we end up with sunshine and then as we get into tomorrow night, friday morning is another wave coming by and it is probably going to provide a little bit of rain, a quick dose of snow, and that will get out of here and as we progress into friday morning, we should wake up to more sunshine. so change is coming and
10:52 pm
tomorrow is one more mild day and then the squeeze play is on as the cold air settles in and just pushes all that mild air out of here and again, things get much colder around here starting on friday. we may have that early mix friday morning, but it's not going to be a big deal for us. then again, much colder for the weekend and beyond. even well into next week. forget about the 50s for a while. >> thanks gary. >> this winter left a lot of us asking, where in the world is the snow? >> some are happy about the unseasonally warm weather, others are concerned. elisia has more. >> along the chicago lake front, it might as well be spring. >> creepy, there should be snow on the ground. there should be 12 feet of snow. it's very weird. it's january. >> in new hampshire, the snowplows are ready, but there's nothing to plow. and in utah, instead of snowmobiles, it's bicycles.
10:53 pm
but the mild winter is not good news for everyone. ski resorts nationwide are taking a hit and much of the snow is manmade. >> you have to watch where you're going, definitely. >> states like colorado depend on the tourism dollars. but this year. >> we have seen a lot of brown and rocks. >> colorado's snow surveyors say the snow pack here is down nearly 30%. and even lower in some ski areas. >> what we are measuring here is similar to what they are getting. >> in colorado's farm country, snow pack is crucial. less snow in the mountains means less water flows downhill for crops. >> we may have to begin thinking what alternatives we would have to what otherwise would be a normal crop plan. >> so far, it's not looking good. >> typically when this reservoir is full, it can hold anywhere from 2500 and 3200 acres. as you see, it's dry. >> while many are enjoying the spring-like weather. >> it's 50 degrees, can't beat
10:54 pm
that. not in january. >> many others are praying for snow. >> it could never snow too much. that's why we're snowplow drivers. >> industry officials as well as those in the ago industry say there's a will the of winter left and optimistic mother nature will change her mind. in denver, fox news. a pet owner risked her life for man's best friend and her risky rescue landed her in frigid waters. that quick run through the drive through could be bad for more than your waistline. it could be hurting your brain. details at 11:00.  look! here she comes!
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♪ sunny day ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' the taste i crave ♪ ♪ subway ♪ i'm makin' it, makin' it how i like ♪ ♪ it's meant to be ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ i'm feelin' subway today [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®? then heat up your day with the big hot pastrami melt! it's fresh toasted and piled-high with pastrami, then topped with pickles, mustard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty, mouthwatering sub! ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go it's one of the hidden dangers of winter. it's exactly what happened to a michigan woman as she was walking her dog. >> it was a nice day to take your dog for a walk at the
10:58 pm
park, but not without a leash. the dog chased some geese on to the ice and fell in to the water. the panicked owner not far behind. richard and tracy watched from the window. >> i said oh my gosh, there's a dog in the lake and that lady better not go on the ice. sure enough, she went out and down in the water. >> she dialed 911. her husband grab add sled and tossed it to rhonda who was struggling to stay afloat. >> three or four tries and she was able to grab it. kept her up off the -- from going under. i told her just hold on. they are coming. police are coming. >> she didn't seem horribly panicked. >> no, she just wanted to save her dog. >> moments later, troy police officers and firefighters firefighters arrived and the rescue is caught on camera. the woman and her dog had been
10:59 pm
in the water for ten minutes. dressed in dry suits and with rescue ropes, they were able to pull the woman to safety. >> now pull her in. come on, go. pull. >> kathy, the big black poodle resting on the firefighter's chest as they are drug across the ice. >> when you tried to pull the lady out, the ice kept breaking. it was difficult. what they did was grabbed her, breaking the ice as they went along. >> i heard yelling and shouting and then they dragged both of them out and they asked us to keep the dog and warm the dog up and they took her to the hospital. >> rhonda burger and her 2 1/2- year-old dog are now recovering at their troy home. her family tells us she is


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